Why Choose Ragamama Ragasaan

Why Choose Ragamama Ragasaan

Finding the right caterer for an event isn’t the easiest of tasks. And what is a good event if the food isn’t as they say ‘spot on’? Many family weddings and large events that you may go to will have consistent caterers because the food has been tried and the services have been tested, which does reassure the family booking caterers again because they are happy with the service delivered as well as the food served. Good food and fantastic a service is something that most people will remember a few months after the event or even years later and that is why Ragamama Ragasaan have been preferred caterers for many families in and around London for over 20 years.

With the wealth of experience in catering for events that Ragamama Ragasaan has, it knows the flavours of the food and the aromas from dishes that are some of the key things guests can expect, the food tastes good and it arrives on the tables hot as well as being presented as a piece of art. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Catering for any event large or small, parties or wedding receptions is a huge expense and one that will be seen, smelt and tasted by all your guests. Fast-forward to the era of the millennials, everything is available at the click of a button. The power of the Internet brings to you endless wedding service provider under one website; reviews, social media and company websites. Reading reviews of others experience of Ragamama Ragasaan will give you an insight about our food and service by those who have had experience in our delivery of services. All of our events aren’t managed, they are orchestrated in order to deliver an experience like no other.

The wedding industry is massive and there are lots of catering companies that can deliver an outstanding menu and event planning, then there are others who do the opposite. We would always suggest to those planning an event, to research and ask questions about their experience. Going to wedding exhibitions allows you to see the caterers that are around for you inquire further and also for you to get a sense of their expertise of services that they can offer you and more importantly the cost.

Pre wedding and wedding day events can be costly, with catering being the largest if not the second largest cost of a wedding and setting a budget is necessary for most couples getting married. It is hard to set a budget if you do not know what the costs are for catering. On a generic level a lot of the caterers will base prices on a basic package, which would usually begin with for example; starters of 3 dishes, 3 main dishes, sundries and soft drinks. From there we can work towards a menu that suits your budget or something that extra special for an extravagant wedding. With our experience, we will advise you on the best option within your budget and of course the more guests you have the cost per head will reduce. At Ragamama Ragasaan we only use good quality ingredients so that we can ensure that the food is of the highest standards. To finalise your decision we invite couples to come to Ragas House, our HQ, for food tasting, where you can meet some of the team and taste the flavours that Ragamama Ragasaan are known for. With our expert team, we can make a menu that tickles your tastebuds and with numerous dishes and cuisines available from our extensive menu. If we don’t have what you are looking for just ask! At Ragamama Ragasaan we invest in chefs that have mouthwatering cuisines in their heart so we can guarantee that your guests will remember the food at your event.

We will help you plan the perfect day with the right knowledge and expertise right from the canapé and drinks reception to the end of the event and arranges services such as décor, entertainment and liaising with venue managers to ensure that every aspect of your event runs on time. At Ragamama Ragasaan, we pride ourselves in the delivery of outstanding food, for any occasion. If you have an event coming up then contact us to chat to a member of our team to help you to create your dream event.

by Bhuvinder Flora

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